American Girl Doll Disney Frozen ~ Anna and Elsa ~

American Girl Doll Disney Frozen  ~ Anna and Elsa ~

Please watch in HD 🙂 “Let’s Pretend” by Charity Vance.Used with permission and no copyright intended.…



mixiepixie7 says:

So. Pretty. This is my favorite movie!

Tonni Elizabeth says:


OneDollToRuleThemAll says:

I love it!!!! Good job on Elsa ans Anna! is Elsa Luna or Caroline???

DollyPhotography says:

Honestly, this is perfection.
I <3 Tori as Anna, and Luna makes a perfect Elsa!
Their dresses are breathtaking, but so are your photos! 😀
I <3 Charity Vance, too! BTW, I sent you a pm, please read it!

Olivia Garza says:

You should do the Elsa braid tutorial!

Hershey H says:

Can you do a tutorial on how you did the Elsa hairstyle?

brookie2288 says:

I love it. They look just like the real Anna and Elsa!!!

DIYcrafts4girls says:

Soooo cute! Love this! I adore Elsa’s dress!

AG Stirling says:

are u going to do a meet up soon i would love to come?

Onomatapeia says:

I love the doll with blonde hair what doll is she? I’m in love !!

Frostyponyproductions says:

so good

Katie Mathers says:

This is so pretty!

agangelwings says:

This was absolutely adorable! Wonderful job like always!
Which dolls are those? Also if you don’t mind me asking what camera do you
use? I know the whole philosophy of “its not the camera it’s the
photographer”. I totally believe it but of course the camera plays a small
role in it to and your photos are just so stunning. 

ag4ever21 says:

Beautiful costumes

Kailyn Butt says:

Best one yet

starshootinglandAG says:

Aww!! I love Frozen, and the costumes are great!!! The dolls fit so well!
Nice job!!! :)

Jessica A says:

I’m going to the AG store on Saturday, what MAG doll should I get?

rosie luvsag says:

They look just like the Frozen animations from the movie! So cute!<3

Tris Prior says:

Very cute

A.G.Studios says:

I’m so glad I got the Elsa dress for Christmas. It’s the merry and bright
gown from AG

the4littlepiggies says:

adorable! i reeeeeally want anna’s dress :)

Sparkledazzle says:

Where did you get the costume for Elsa?

starlitestudios12 says:

OMG this is the best thing ever!!! I love Frozen!!!

sierra nelson says:

This is so cute :)

superrandomvideogirl says:

This is beautiful. Frozen is my favorite movie.

wolfydolls says:

Soooo cute where did you get the Anna costume ?cause I already have Elsa’s 

kelseymorgan94 says:

Such a cute video! I loved the pictures! So cute! :)

Lissbeth Hernandez says:


AGtoys says:

this is so amazing! I looked on etsy already before you did the opening
package thing for an Anna dress 🙂 , because I have mag 33 which looks the
most like Anna out of all dolls. I am planning to hopefully save up money
to get an Anna dress, and I really want to buy an Elsa doll! this
photoshoot also would’ve been cool if you had snow!

Ana Khalaf says:

Omg soooo cute!But have you seen frosin??

americangirlxoxo says:

Love it! I really enjoyed this

SUBSCRIBE | 2O14 | says:

This is beautiful! 🙂 I love this movie.

Maureen Linden says:

sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

Hydro AGLover says:

Frozen is the best disney movie ever. Love your photos and especially elsa.

Aba Walczak says:

Omg so cool I love frozen

Merida americangirl says:

soooo cute!

MHcupcake says:

Awesome looks so much like them!!

Reagan Frazer says:

Perfection! You did a good job with the photos and the hair”

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